The competitive edges of our air freight logistics service are as follow:
1.  Offering both airport and in town Regulated Air Cargo Security Facilities (RACSFs):

Sun Hing Express is one of the few operators of top-notch RACSFs both in airport and down town, which facilitate flexibility services to our clients.

Our RACSF in airport area is the whole extension of the Airport Freight Forwarding Centre (AFFC). The 108,000 sq.ft. one-storey high extension is specially designed for air cargo handling and related X-ray security screening operations. Equipped with top security and safety measures, the Extension is qualified to accreditations including RACSF, TAPA (A Class), C-TPAT and other state-requirements such as TSA (US) and ACCIII (EU) etc. The layout and cargo flow design enable us to provide the most efficient air cargo handling services and maximize the handling throughput. This AFFC extension would be one of the prominent RACSFs on providing air cargo handling services in Hong Kong.

Our in town RACSF is located at Unit 109, Hutchison Logistics Centre, Kwai Chung. This 50,000 sq.ft. on dock RACSF is at the core of the logistics services of Hong Kong. With most of the logistics companies / warehouses at our arm’s length, we can provide fast, on time air freight logistics service to our clients.

The different type of X ray screening machines enable us to handle different kinds of air cargo, general goods or e-commerce, bulk or palletized in both facilities. These strategically positioned facilities enable us to provide flexible and efficient end to end professional air freight logistics solutions to our clients.

For details of our RACSFs, please go to Our RACSFs

2.  Professional security & safety measures and accreditations:

We understand the importance of security and safety for air cargo, due to the Carriers / states’ requirement and high goods value. Our air freight logistics service is handled by our well trained staff under close monitoring of supervisors and managements.

We have partnered with professional parties / associations like AVESCO, Alliance Knowledge Management Limited, an accredited security training and consulting company in order to instil the highest standard of security & safety knowledge and hardware within the facilities like segregation of restricted and non-restricted area, sufficient approved X-ray machines, fencing, CCTV, alarm, access control etc. We also owned our truck fleets equipped with security control measures to transport the cargos between our facilities and cargo terminals.

Besides RACSF, we aim to obtain all the necessary professional accreditations and licenses like TAPA, C-TPAT, ISO and TSA (US) and ACCIII (EU) in order to serve the different needs of our clients.

We are the member of the Supply Chain Security Association (SCSA), RACSF Concern Group and HAFFA. We will keep exchange the information with the air cargo community such as government, freight forwarders, shippers and other operators.

3.  Full range of air freight logistics service:

We have extensive experience and knowledge on providing full range of air freight logistics service. Our services include:

  1. ULD build up: Our professional team can build up any types of ULDs with high accuracy and efficiency. They would achieve the highest ULD utilization through an optimal mix of volume and weight on the device.
  2. Cargo acceptance and warehousing: Our staff will perform standard operation procedure upon acceptance of cargo; we also have sufficient warehouse space for storing the cargos shortly until the flight is planned to export
  3. X-ray security screening and suspected cargo handling: We have sufficient X-ray machines and screeners in each of our RACSF to perform cargo security screening. Our staff is well trained and standard procedure will be executed when suspected cargo is found
  4. Our own truck team can provide shipment pickup at clients’ warehouses and deliver screened and palletized cargo to cargo terminals on time
  5. VAS: We can provide different VAS upon the request of clients like pick & pack, labelling, sorting, knitting, quality check, GOH etc