Hong Kong – Airport

One of our air freight logistics centres is located at the whole extension of Air Freight Forwarding Centre (AFFC), the one and only public warehouse for air cargo in the Hong Kong International Airport. The one-storey-high building has 108,000 sq.ft. and will be completed in the mid of Year 2020. The whole building is specially designed for providing export air cargo handling and X-ray security screening services. This extension is equipped with the top security and safety measures in order to get the related professional accreditations like RACSF, TAPA-A, ISO and other state-requirements like TSA (US) and ACCIII (EU) etc. The layout and cargo flow design which enable us to provide the most efficient air cargo handling services and maximize the handling throughput. With the proximity to the cargo terminals and the specially designed cargo flow as well as the highest standard of security and safety level, we believe our AFFC extension would be one of the prominent RACSFs on providing air cargo handling services.